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English Test

English Proficiency Test

You can test your English proficiency by answering these questions, there are forty English grammar questions that you are supposed to select the correct answer from the drop down menu, choosing the correct word to complete the sentence or statement. This is only a basic online test, during your courses with Totally English you will be tested multipule times to ensure your english proficiency continues to improve during your stay with us. Enjoy your first test with Totally English. Estimated time to complete is 5 minutes:

Online English Test

1.people are very friendly.

2.they English?

3. We alwaysEnglish.

4. The teacherscoffee at the moment.

5. That mancoffee.


7. His sister arrived here6 o’clock.

8. Theremilk in your tea.

9.sugar would you like?

10. I come to schoolbus.

11. Sheto the bank yesterday.

12.his friends last night?

13. He lives in London,?

14.learn a lot of English?

15. Ito the Tower of London yet.

16. Your suitcase isthan mine. New York?

18. She was reading the newspaper when the letter

19. A lot of English people enjoynewspapers.

20. If the bussoon, the students will arrive on time.

21. Theyfor a long time and the bus still hasn’t come.

22. When I was young I usedfor long walks in the country.

23. He asked his sistersome cigarettes for him.

24. It’s late! Weto go home.

25. The car park is free. Youpay.

26. They have been at the same schoolthey came to London.

27. All the coatsin the classroom.

28. If Ia lot of money, I’d travel round the world.

29. The test wasdifficult that he couldn’t do it.

30. He asked me where Ifrom.

31. Some teachers make youa lot of homework.

32. When the course, you will speak a lot of English.

33. That’s the mandaughter teaches here.

34. It took her a long time to gether illness.

35. She went to a new hairdresser’s to

36. When she went back to the shop theythe coat she wanted.

37. By the time you leave London, youa lot of places.

38. The sky is grey.  I wish the sun

39. If the weather good yesterday, they would have gone out.

40. He’s late! Hehere ten minutes ago.

Thank you for starting your test with us.


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