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English courses for 50 plus

Yes, there are English courses that are designed for learners who are 50 years and above. The language courses are specifically open to seniors who want to gain a language skill or improve their skill while making the most of their leisure time.

The 50+ English courses are a fun way for seniors of the same age bracket to explore a new language, culture as well as indulge the adventurous spirit! There are a whole lot of activities that seniors an engage in to make leaning easier and fun.

Please Note

All language classes are taught by qualified native speaking tutors. Most course developers, such as, realize that seniors tend to find morning lessons most entertaining. Therefore, you will find most lessons are designed for mornings only, leaving the afternoons and evenings free for other activities and desired excursions. 

If touring a place while learning, these courses give learners the opportunity to explore the cities. The afternoons and evenings can be used to make friends, shop around, as well as visit other places of interest in their holiday destination.

The Typical Program for a 50+ English Course

A language development course can take about 15 hours a week (about 3 hours daily). The lessons are designed to;

• Help improve the understanding of the spoken English

• Help improve the accuracy of the use of the language

• Help increase the learner’s confidence in speaking naturally in English

• Help acquire a good variety of informal and formal vocabulary used in a range of contexts

Most courses, such as those offered by Atlantic Language, include a social program where the learners can go on a half day excursion for fun and to bond and experience what the country has to offer.

The course program can be divided into 3, especially for learners in the beginner level. These possible categories are:

Language Development

• Testing (to determine level of proficiency) and orientation of the learning institution

• Conversation skills class

• Question time (direct and indirect)

• Tenses review 

• Comparatives and superlatives

Language Skills Development

• Study quizzes

• Activity such as creating family trees

• Media involvement – songs

• Vocabularies and pronunciation practice activities

The Adventure Tours

• Visiting historic sites

• Excursions and savoring the city cuisine

• Visiting Museums, theatres, markets

• Brewery and wine tasting tours

Depending on the city in which you wish to take the lessons and the designed plan, you can be sure of participating in various activities every afternoon or weekend for the entire duration of the course. Most learning institutions have learners of the same age group. As such, the minimum age for learners in this class is 50. There is no maximum age. Here are a few facts on the typical English course for 50+.

Proficiency test – most leaning institutions will require you to take a short quiz to test the proficiency level of the learner so as to be appropriately placed

Class size – most institutions take a maximum of 15 learners per class for a more personalized learning program. Other institutions allow a maximum of 10 while others agree to a one-on-one arrangement

Number of lessons – There are up to 20 lessons per week in most courses. However, this number varies depending on the desired duration of the course as well as the preferences of the learner

Lesson duration – This depends entirely on the tutor. However, most courses allow lessons that run up to 1 hour at most. Should the lesson be longer, the course incorporates breaks every 1 hour

Age requirement – All learners in this course must be at least 50 years of age. There is no cap on the maximum age of learners

Start dates – this depends on when you would like to take your class. Be sure to confirm attendance and make your payments at least a week to the start date

Most English courses for 50+ learners take two weeks regardless proficiency. However, this duration can be altered depending on the preferences of the learners. It can take longer or shorter depending on what the learner wants to achieve by the end of the course. 

It is important to note that the requirements for attending an English course for 50+ learners are not set in stone. The learner can negotiate with the tutors on a variety of requirements such as payment period, number of lessons and any other parameter that might not work with your vacation schedule.

Are you 50 years of age and above? Are you interested in learning English in a fun and easy environment? Do you like the idea of making new friends, going on adventurous tours with professional guide? Would you like to experience the culture of the places you visit? Well, sounds like an English course for 50+ learners would be perfect for you!


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